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Earth Stone Basins are manufactured from carefully constructed 'Tempered Glass' and are completely waterproof.


Ordinary Glass breaks at approx. 6000 pounds per square inch while our Tempered Glass can withstand much more and is 4-5 times stronger than normal glass.


Tempered Glass is strong and safe and is usually used in oven door applications and also cookware and furniture.


We mix our glass at a unique high ratio of 63% Silica Sand, 22% Soda and 15% Limestone and heat to 1200 degrees celsius.


This quality mix ensures that only the finest 'Tempered Glass' is created.


A float process is used to make a single sheet which is then moulded around the template whilst reducing the heat from 1200 degrees to approx. 600 degrees celsius.


The creation of the mould is skillful and the craftsmen are very experienced.


Once moulded, the glass is allowed to cool completely and a drainage waste hole is then created.


After again re-heating the Basin in a kiln to at least 650 degrees celsius, it is subjected to blasts of cool air from fixed and rotating nozzles to cool the glass down to a temperature of 200-300 degrees celsius.


The Basin is then carefully examined to see the effects of the rapid stress cooling on the glass.


By cooling the glass over the area, an inital compression is created on the surface of the Basin.


This initial compression stress process repeated over and over again enables the glass to hold superior strength.


From decades of experience, our craftsmen know the exact colouring mix, for this reason Earth Stone Basin can create many glass basins alike or as one off individual made to order pieces.


All Basins are individually hand crafted with internal colouring and/or hand painted.


Spending quality time in the manufacutring process ensures all Earth Stone Basins are created perfectly symmetrical.


The final process is a delicate fine shine polish which completes the Basins beautiful form and appearance.


All Basins come individually packaged to ensure its safe arrival with no breakage during transportation.



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