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Our High Level of Production world wide makes us unique in our ability to create 'Made To Order' Basins to suit specific size, shape, colour, Style & design requirements.


The most popular basin shape is round 420mm in Diameter and 140mm High.


Contact your Stockist for more information about customising an item to suit your specific requirements.




                                                           Marble Styles



Earth Stone Basin source the following marble


-     Light Turkey Emperador

-     Dark Emperador

-     Trilob

-     French Grey Wood Grain

-     Granite

-     Blue Stone

-     Nero Black Marquia

-     Bianco Carrara

-     White Shiangxi

-     Athens Grey

-     White Perlato

-     Beige

-     Royal Batticino Marble

-     White Cavity Stone

-     Cream Travity Stone Travertine

-     Natural Stone Mosaic

-     Charcoal Matte White Vein

-     Honey Onyx

-     Green Onyx

-     Golden Cavity Stone

-     Yellow Wood Vein

-     Wood Yellow Sandstone

-     Wood Vein Sandstone

-     Pure Black

-     Black Grey

-     Lin Red

-     Agate Red

-     Azalea Red

-     Emerald Green

-     Whelk Fossil

-     Wooden Grey



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