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“You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to life the images you have created in your mind with perfect frames of vision with the talent you have seen, the feelings you have experienced and the smells you have evoked” BASIN360

“Bringing your bathroom to life with Basins made of natural Earth Elements" 

                                    "Earth Stone Basin" - Marble & Glass Countertop Vanity Basins - Hand made with precision

“Stylish and modern design - Earth Stone Basins are cutting edge with a difference”

                 "Give a Personal touch to your Bathroom Decor - complementing a classic look or designing your bathroom to beyond 2020"






Earth Stone Basins are a vision of inspiration and the creation of each piece involves a high level of skill and technique.


The individual character of all earth stone basins shine through and reflect the unique character of the materials from which it is moulded as well as inspiring all who see its splendour.


Our designs are many and varied with choice of beautiful colour, style, texture and shape.


Earth Stone Basins will last a lifetime and beyond.


Eastern European designed and styled - add a piece of glamour to your bathroom!


Sourced from all over the world.  Enjoy.....

Light Turkey Emperador - Dark Emperador - Trilob - French Grey Wood Grain - Granite - Blue Stone - Nero Black Marquia - Bianco Carrara - White Shiangxi - Athens Grey - White Perlato - Beige - Royal Batticino Marble - White Cavity Stone - Cream Travity Stone Travertine - Natural Stone Mosaic - Charcoal Matte White Vein - Honey Onyx - Green Onyx - Golden Cavity Stone - Yellow Wood Vein - Wood Yellow Sandstone - Wood Vein Sandstone - Pure Black - Black Grey - Lin Red - Agate Red - Azalea Red - Emerald Green - Whelk Fossil - Wooden Grey

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